Management Lessons

Well... I finished season 2 of 24 last night. In contrast to the 2 days or so that I took to finish season 1, it took me 3 weeks to finish season 2. Part of it was because school started and my priorities switched. But more importantly is that season 2 was a HUGE disappointment after watching season 1. Didn't feel the urgency of finishing an episode and then watch another right away.

Nonetheless, there are many management issues that I learned from season 2.
1. No matter how much you like David Palmer or think that he is right, as a leader, he has failed in making his followers believers of him. These are your closest allies and they are against you. Don't you ever wonder why!?
2. More on the "President"... calling off an attack on a hunch is hardly the right thing to do. At least have all your pieces in place to make a quick strike!
3. The joint chief of staff can oust their leader by a simple majority!? Come on now, leaders don't just come and go by popular vote!
4. Nobody seems to appreciate the gravity of an impending war. I blame the leader for not making himself clear.
5. Obviously the management of CTU is a complete mess. Insubordination is cause by bad management, that's my theory. Okay, so Amarosa wants your job, get rid of her and don't place her in a situation that can hurt you!
6. Like I said before, don't date within the office... and don't date your boss!
7. CTU again, let your subordinates do their job. All you need to know is the big picture. Micromanagement is bad management.
8. If your ex-boss is back in the office, make sure he or she is on a short leash.
9. Should you go rogue when you don't agree with your bosses? OF COURSE NOT! Your job is to convince that your boss is wrong, not to undermine him or her!
10. Don't make a public appearance after you've been up for 24 hours straight. Poor David.


PowerYogi said...

jesus josekin, i've spent the last 5 minutes trying to figure out what show you were talking about ... I thought you saw season 2 of 24 as in there were 24 seasons of some show and you just finished season 2 :) and i'm reading and re-reading your post to figure out wtf kind of show it was ... i think this means i need to get some sleep.

PowerYogi said...

oh, and i did realize at the end that it was 24 the show.

Josekin said...

I'm that mysterious.