Evolution and Business Strategy

I don't think I reviewed the Business Policy class with Harry Davis, a.k.a. he who invented LEAD.

Anyway, today's class was excellent (TC will tell you otherwise, as he slept spectacularly). Why? Because the professor mentioned evolution and a lot of animal planet stuff. Did the survival of a certain species over another species mean that the species employed better strategy in life? Or is it environmental changes that triggered the extinction (or growth) of the species? Even the most adaptive animal would become extinct if their food source runs out due to terrestrial rain or drought.

(Yes, meanwhile, I'm watching a program on sea otters)

This should be a very interesting class with an alternative examination of strategy. Today, for example, we tried to derive strategy from an image that we gave a struggling company. The free association from an image made the exercise much more enjoyable and also uncovered some hidden points that we didn't get from the case. Then in a excellent twist, the point of the case was that the professor was on the board of directors. The class then turned its attention to how board of directors should govern the company (with benefit of hindsight).

Fascinating class.

And I've decided to audit the lab class with Orion's Mind. So three classes (Business Policy, Private Equity, and Channels) + one audit. Should be a good quarter.


shmoo said...

And photography?

Also, you like nature, check this out:

Keqi said...

Yes, agree with you. I find his class intersting and does have some insight of business.

Kyuyean said...

I agree with you.. I was so fascinated in the class. Especially, the yesterday class... I am getting more excited because I have 6 more fascinating classes to go... :)


April said...

Damn, i shouldn't skip the class...