Nine... and the bathroom dilemma

Some have complained that they can't get into my homepage; it's because the server is in Hong Kong and it doesn't like traffic from the US. Sorry about that. If it stops loading, just press F5 to reload... the map will eventually appear. I've included the link to Galapagos here.

Anyway, went to dinner at Nine with EL, CL, JL (no, they aren't related) and NF. I remember the last time coming to Nine and being moderately impressed. This time around was a bit better. The Tuna Tartar was excellently done. Very satisfying to put fresh and uncooked seafood in my mouth. Despite my self declared boycott on sushi in Chicago, I think I'll make an exception for Nine if I had the chance. They have a sashimi dish. Anyway, on to the rest of the meal.

The over-hyped Lobster Bisque was adequate... the lobster was fresh, but the soup was a bit too salty at the end. Unfortunately, nobody in our party believed that Boston has better Lobster Bisque. NO, not Legal Seafood - they are only good at Clam Cowdah and nothing else - but a place like Grille 23 or Atlantic Seafood.

I had the 22oz Porterhouse. The tenderloin side was nice and juicy; the sirloin side was disappointing. It really wasn't about how it was cooked. The medium rare was leaning a bit towards the medium, but the center of the steak was perfectly done. The tenderloin side was especially good with the steak melting on the tips of my tongue. What was wrong was the meat grade (whatever that means). There were sprinkles of fat around the sirloin side that made cutting difficult the the meat less tender. I was expecting more from a top notch steakhouse like Nine... though, in all fairness, I am biased for old-school steakhouses.

Dessert, of course, did not disappoint. Old school steakhouses always have the best Creme Brulee and a few signature American desserts such as mudslides and cheesecake. Newer restaurants such as Nine have more creative desserts that are just as good if not better. That's always a plus. We ordered three to share. Chocolate cake and creme brulee were good. And the Pecan Square was really really good. I love anything pecan (the TXGF did not...).

Verdict: for appetizers and entree, get something seafood-y and you should have a great time at Nine!

Oh, and the bathroom... I've had weird bathroom experiences... as you can see from this previous entry and yet another. Anyway, I bet most of you have had similar experiences, so I'm not ashamed to bring this up. Okay, maybe I am... but since I'd like to entertain you, I will share it. I know, now you are all scared to read on. Don't worry.

Have you ever been in a bathroom and you hear a dude (or gal, though I highly doubt it) really struggling on the can? Well, this time was a bit different. I wasn't really sure whether he was just grunting in his struggles or grunting with a girlfriend on the can. So here's my question... suppose it's the former, do you ask if he's okay (remember the first Austin Powers!?) in the stall? I feel very conflicted about this. Not. I really don't understand why people have to make noises behind the door. Seriously, just suck it up and finish your business. This should be a Man Law - no noise making while on the can, in the stall, or anywhere in the bathroom vicinity. (If it's your home and you have no guests, I'm a firm believer in 'you are the master of your place' rule.)

It's been an emotional night, as you can see.

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shmoo said...

Speaking of sushi and Nine, our N restaurant, suggested by MW (also known as M#2) will be a Japanese place called New Tokyo.

EL and JL- couldn't they both be you?