Random thoughts...

One of the biggest beefs I have in Chicago is drivers who can't park and leave about 7/8 a space for others to parallel park. Fortunately, I'm Boston-trained and my car is a VW Golf. For three consecutive days last week, I parked into the same impossible spot with about 2 inches to spare on both side. Unfortunately, the cars that I squeezed in between left. No more "designated spot."

I searched for "Orion's Mind," our Small Business Lab client on Google and came up with this page. Notice that the second entry is Kellogg's looking for students to help OM. Maybe OM has more than one student consulting team! Also notice that the forth entry is my blog. This can't be good for OM's marketing. =)

I had an interesting conversation with a classmate. The lesson is that you never truly know a person until you know his or her story. Maybe those hidden stories don't matter (like in my case, I would like to think, but...) at all, but there is this subtle difference in how you view a person after he or she spilled out the life story. More mutual respect, perhaps.

I added some entries on the right for more flogs from friends. BSLW's is awesome pertaining to his trip to Beijing. CL/RK has been campaigning to get onto the list.

I did finish The Alchemist. Will review later.


Huckle Cat said...

Wow you've been posting a lot lately. I'd be so bored otherwise! How's photography class going?

shmoo said...

CL/RK's link doesn't work. Maybe you have to have a Spaces account?

I'd never do that. I hate MS.

CL said...

dude, can u be more original? i'm not RK. YOU'RE RK. :)

JL said...

cl, he's just trying to be part of your website. it's okay. it's flattering.