Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there

Not such a good neighbor when your home gets destroyed, apparently.

I think I added another class... Business Policy. The ratings have been pretty good, the second lecture (I missed the first cus I wasn't sure what classes I wanted to take) was quite boring. Let's hope the third one and onwards will be better.

I'm debating on whether to keep taking a lab class in Small Business. Since the class is full, I can only audit it. I'm wondering if its worth auditing... it's a lab class and large part of the benefit comes from the interaction with the client. But as an auditing student, I should probably defer to my teammates who are taking this class for credit. Hence, although I really like the project and the client, I won't get the full experience from the class.

Meanwhile, I've been busy giving out interviews left and right to first years who want practice. I think I've given out more interview practices this year than being interviewed for real last year.

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