Learning mode

Going from vacation to school isn't easy. I found myself looking at the clock more than I looked at the professor. Anyway, it'll take some time before I get use to this.

I want to have taken all my classes once before offering the initial assessment of my quarter. Nonetheless, this exchange is a good indication on how my quarter is going to be... (actually, let's hope that's not a good indication)

Professor: So, Eric, why don't you tell me what the 3Cs are?
Me: Uh... Company, Consumers, and I've forgotten the third C...
Professor: And Competitors... xxx, what is STP?

It'll be that kind of quarter, I guess.

Earlier tonight, I took a class in photography. I'm feeling good about it already.

And I'm trying very hard to get my Galapagos site set up, but have failed to FTP upload any files in the last week or so. Here's another picture (save the awww):


Huckle Cat said...

SO cute!!

April said...

he's really cute!!