A Punch in the Face

We punched them: Bulls beat Heat to be up 3-0. Red Sox send Yankees to their seventh straight loss. I have tickets for games 5 and 7, and I'm torn between the Bulls sweeping and me having the chance to watch game 5. One game at a time, I guess. (Oh, but I am very giddy for Detroit)

They punched me: I held two consecutive A-A hands and lost both all-ins (cash game, I re-bought). The first one the buy called my pre-flop raise with his 3-4 suited. He got lucky and hit a set of threes. The second one was against a pair of Jacks. Oh well, I could have quadrupled up, instead, I'm left with nothing and went home.

The Dirty Canuck spoke what was on my mind. The critical thinking shuts down after too little sleep, too much time pressure, too little focus, etc etc, and exposes us to various heuristic and rush to judgments. So why on earth does the McKinsey case challenge give us 2 days to figure out how 4 technologies can potentially change 100 companies? To see creativity under pressure? No, I'm not bitter.

The Real Punch in the Face: A friend of mine (AFoM) was punched in the face while getting take out in NYC. The drunk mumbled about China and Yao Ming, called AFoM a "slanty eye fuck", tried to spit in AFoM's face, double teamed AFoM with a friend after AFoM pushed him away, and finally punched AFoM as AFoM turned away, knocking AFoM to the ground. AFoM got up scratched and bruised and didn't call police.

Now, I have never encountered an outright racist, and I definitely haven't bumped into a drunk
one. My first reaction was WTF, Fucking Racist, and Why didn't you call police. I wonder how I would react under similar circumstances. I probably would have backed away like a wuss.

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shmoo said...

Did I ever tell you about the guy I met on the T at the Park Street stop in 2004 who outright called himself a racist?