Difficult to overcome...

The Patriots are difficult to overcome: two words, Tom Brady.

The Red Sox are difficult to overcome: if Johan Santana signs.

The Celtics are difficult to overcome: KG, PP, RA... my god.

My curiosity was too much to overcome: it's not an eagle, it's a black kite. My random finds are also difficult to overcome: on the list of Hong Kong birds is the great tit.

My conclusions are difficult to overcome: Facebook will eventual fall; I got this message "xxx has added you as a Top Friend. Your popularity is going up! Click here to see just how popular you are now :)" Woohoo! My popularity is going up!

Workaholic-ism is difficult to overcome: as fresh MBA grads, I feel more complete and accomplished when I become very busy and finish my work at 1am. Not so much when I leave at 7pm.

Things I should overcome but can't: TV at night... blogging at even later night...

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Laughing Man said...

Pats' Achillies Heel: team being too worn out for the playoffs after a fabulous 16-0 run.

Sox' Achillies Heel: forgetting where their success came from; the farm system.

Celt's Achillies Heel: terrible minute managment by Doc Rivers. The Big Three will be worn out by April.

So yes, I'm still nervous.