Like I said before, I don't care much for the elections in Hong Kong... predictably, the democratic party won this battle. Anyway, here's what I've observed throughout the days leading up to the election. I'll let you pass judgment.
  • The slogan for the democratic candidate is "vote with your conscious." As far as I can tell, her agenda has something to do bringing democracy to Hong Kong, something she has labeled "real democracy" while labeling others' methods "fake"
  • The slogan for the main rival, pro-China of course, has something to do with... actually, I'm not sure, because she never really talks about her views on policies... she's busy defending herself from a past mis-step in policy making.
  • The slogan for a pro-democracy newspaper is "Report happiness, report sadness, and report fairness." The same newspaper issued a special edition on election day urging people to vote for the pro-democracy.
  • "Dire election situation" is a similar tactic used by both sides to urge people to vote. This is suppose to bring out "supporters" to vote for their respective party.
You'll pardon me if I can't take this election too seriously. These are the headlines of various newspapers in Hong Kong
  • pro-democracy paper: Democratic party candidate celebrates decisive win
  • pro-democracy paper: Democratic party candidate wins by xx,xxx votes
  • pro-democracy paper: Democratic party candidate wins by landslide
  • pro-China paper: Pro-China candidate loses by a little
  • pro-China paper: Pro-China candidate wins support from voters
  • pro-China paper: Subway merger goes smoothly
Man, just thinking about this makes me sad.

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