Thank you for smoking

Great movie. I haven't watch a smart movie in a while, and "Thank you for smoking" absolutely blew me away. When the movie started with the smoking advocate (the guy from Erin Brocovich, I think) pointing towards a teenage cancer patient saying "it's in our best interest to have him stay alive and keep smoking," I knew this was going to be good.

The famous Mark Twain quote "Lies, damn lies, and statistics" should ring true with the movie. The irony that our society now so focused on whether an argument is true is really not that focused on the truth is appalling. Our "hero" in the movie professes that he only makes fact-based statements because "that way, I'm never wrong" and doesn't worry about why he is making those statements.

In other words, answer my way no matter what your question or argument is. Sad as that sounds, it is how most people engage in quarrels.

Highly recommended movie.

In other news, several of my friends have watched Blood Diamond and then denounced diamonds and resorted to other types of rings. Some data on De Beers/Tiffany/etc sales pre- and post Blood Diamond would be awesome. Anyway, several of my friends (all ladies) have indicated that they refuse to watch Blood Diamond...

If you believe a frictional movie, sure, stop buying diamonds as a protest. Better yet, go to Africa to make your protests. If you think it is indeed frictional, it wouldn't hurt to watch it either (that's me). And of course there are those who are afraid that the movie is a fact and so refuse to see it. How does that address the truth??? I'm just saying.


shmoo said...

I'm not sure what's scarier: smoking, the diamond trade, or the fact that Leonard DiCaprio might inspire someone to change their life.

Laughing Man said...

I will propose to my girlfriend with:
1) A synthetic diamond
2) A suitcase full of cash.