Habitat for Humanity Hungary - Merry Christmas

This is what brings a BIG BIG smile to my face. In fact, it is the best Christmas card I have ever received.

Dear Josekin,

The holiday season is soon going to start and I would like to thank you for being a part of Habitat for Humanity Hungary's life in 2007.  

As a small gift, I am attaching a drawing by Reka Pap from Csurgo. Reka is 9 years old. Her parents, her sister and her moved into their new Habitat home in 2006. The drawing is called: "Christmas in our New Home."

Thanks to the help and dedication of many people like you, 19 Hungarian families will celebrate Christmas in their new homes that they built or renovated with Habitat for Humanity Hungary in 2007. Next year, we hope to serve 77 families, thereby doubling the number of families served in our New Construction program and serving six times as many families in our Repairs&Renovations program as last year.  

Our Christmas Newsletter is available at the below link. Please take a look at it to see how your contribution this year was put to work to change the life of Hungarian families in need:  

I wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of Habitat for Humanity Hungary and all Habitat families in Hungary.

God bless,  



Josekin Lam



Anonymous said...

to help "habitat for humanity" for free:

Josekin said...

Why do I think this is fake?