Here's why I don't like Hong Kong...

Well, Ms. Iris Cheng seems to think that having more than 30 pairs of shoes is the definition of happiness. This HSBC ad is completely tasteless on so many levels:
  • Presumably, Ms Cheng from Quarry Bay has more than 30 pairs of shoes. Thanks for remind all the girls with less than 30 pairs (99% of the population, no!?) they are living an inferior life.
  • Iris, if you are repeating your footwear pattern every week, and your only aspiration with your savings with HSBC is to quadruple the number of your shoes, you have some serious issues.
  • What about Mr. and Mrs. Cheng? Your daughter sounds like a materialistic bitch who thinks 30 pairs is the minimum to be cool. A bit ashamed, I hope? Oh, wait, maybe you taught her that.
  • And please don't forget Mr. Cheng-to be, who is now on red alert. Don't even bring up the in-laws...
  • I'm going on a limp here to say that most members in the Iris Friend Circle (IFC) are happy with their shoe situation by HSBC definition. They now may leap into the "repeat in a season" competition. I'm not sure if this is tasteless or not.
Luckily, there are those outside of the IFC and are blissfully unaware of the HSBC ad. Let's hope they either don't see the ad, or see it and ignore it, or be just slightly ticked off like me. Bless those who see the ad and develop a new aspiration to fill the shoe racks - they'll need all the help they can get.

On the flip side, Hong Kong has a pretty nice airport. Woo hoo!


Laughing Man said...

Though I agree with your opinion. I think you'd be surprised at how many women have more than 30 pairs of shoes. Its a lot higher than 1%, that's for sure.

chaubella said...

sorry dear, though there's no "30 pair minimum", most girls have over 30 pairs of shoes. some guys, too. =P

kwun said...

Being overly materialistic is one thing, having over 30 pairs of shoes is another.
I like the re-definition of "IFC" though.
Hahaha... your emotions is a little bit like when I see the weight loss ads.