Finally. Movies...

Look, I haven't been in the theaters since Michael Clayton and Lust, Caution... highly unusual. I blame my travel schedule, which somehow had me going on 8 flights in 14 days.

Anyway, after my sweet upgrade for two nights, the third night I was moved to a smaller suite. A suite with one room, who knew!? With that suite comes... free DVDs!

Fantastic Four - put it this way... if it weren't for Jessica Alba... hold on... let me take a breathe... Jessica Alba... hmmm... If it weren't for Jessica Alba, this movie would be quite a piece of crap. My recommendation: watch Dark Angel.

墨攻 - awesome adaptation of a Japanese comic. Andy Lau delivers a solid performance as usual while the pan-Asian cast (this is a standard now... make a movie with one Japanese, one Korean, one Taiwanese, one Mainland Chinese, one Hong Konger, and you have a golder egg that can be shipped to all those countries) is solid with the exception of the Chinese actress who, while pretty, seemed quite out of place. Anyway, the movie is about the ideology to defend the weak from the aggressive in numerous wars vs. helping the aggressive achieve unification and therefore less wars in the future. Sounds familiar, huh? Recommended.

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