Patriots Game

The reader should note that I've actually watched the record Patriots Steelers game while in a Shanghai hotel. Even though I knew the Pats would crush the Steelers (My manager is a Steelers fan... I hope she doesn't read this blog... heh heh), I still watched the game until 2 in the morning. At least they skipped all the time outs. =)

Anyway, Pats are 16-0 in the regular season! Even though that's an amazing achievement... what's more important is the next three games.

I feel like a Yankee fan. Even though the Pats were down by 12 points in the second half, I was never worried. Sigh. Nah, why sigh? Yeah, a bit of cockiness is nice.

Tomorrow, the Knicks host the Bulls. Man I miss ESPN and sports in the USA.

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