It'll happen... eventually

Last Saturday, I flew to Beijing. Earlier today, I flew from Beijing to Shanghai - by the way, we sat on the tarmac for almost doubt the flight time due to the snow. Two days later, I will fly from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Three days later, I will fly from Hong Kong to Taipei.

Yup, flying more means more things like this happens.

Anyway, last Thursday I traveled back to Hong Kong with a colleague of mine. We both tried to work in the taxi: I gave up after 15 minutes; he lasted half way before almost throwing up... which made me think about "it'll happen eventually":
  • Throws up in the cab while working on laptop
  • Drops laptop while placing laptop on check in counter
  • Burs lap while creating blank slides
  • Drops laptop while placing laptop on handle bar of luggage
  • Develop tendinitis due to carrying opened laptop on the lid
  • Drops laptop with laptop on lap and waking up from an unexpected nap
  • Leave laptop in the magazine pocket in the plane
  • Drops laptop when (Chinese taxi) driver swerves to pass other swerving Chinese taxis
  • Leave laptop in security scanner
And I'll freely admit that I've thought about the beauty of having a Crackberry about 1,325 times this past week.

Naturally, I'm writing this blog because I narrowly missed my (first time!) flight to Taipei. Next flight is an hour out. Sorry, I wish it was more dramatic like my Bain Boston trip. Maybe next time... not.

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Laughing Man said...

You left out: becoming impotent from prolonged laptop proximity to the crotch area.

Yes, the Crackberry is as useful and addictive as they say it is. Come join the darkside (also available in light colors).