Google Blogger, you suck...

I never understood why Picasa web album has space limits. If you can give me 6GB in email space, you can give me more in picture space. It's not that difficult.

Anyway, I'm about to give the Blogger team a lashing. It all, however, started with the incompetent Picasa web. I'm almost at the limit, so I cleared some space by deleting some pictures from the "Josekin's Blog" album.

Turns out doing that deletes pictures in my blog as well!!!!

And of course there is no warning.

I hate you, Blogger and Picasa Web Album team. At least give me a warning.


shmoo said...

So much for "do no evil". Or was it "don't be evil"?

Laughing Man said...

I'm guessing it has to do with bandwidth, and not storage space. Checking email uses very little bandwidth, as opposed to downloading pictures or watching videos.

Switch to Flickr.