Happy Post

Tequila buddy bumped into me and commented that my blog seemed dramatic. My life is fine. There will always be little speed bumps on the way!

She also requested a happy post; I will gladly oblidge.

Have I mentioned that I love all four of my classes this quarter? Love them. I am now fully convinced that the key to enjoying the GSB MBA is to take good professors and worry less about the material. I have four professors on steriods (in descending order, Epley, Dube, and a tie between Menon and Bothner) and auditing one on depressants (Thaler). The steriod users bring energy to the class. And energy is exactly what the class needs to fuel a case discussion. Thaler is a bit overrated - he snaps every now and then and the class gets exciting, but he is mostly laid back and very deliberate in his delivery.

It is admit weekend at the GSB. If there's one advice I can give, it is to take good professors. Class material is nothing when the professor isn't good.


shmoo said...

"Tequila buddy"- what a great nickname.

Le Voyageur said...

Happy post = professors on steroids and antidepressants. I love it.

Tequila Buddy

Andrew said...

I agree with your theory. The best combo is an awesome professor and awesome material, but if you can only take one go with the professor. For the other material you can just read a book. (but what's more important - the subject or the talent of the author? ha )