Movie and then some

Saw 300 in an IMAX theater. Not recommended. Unless you want to see two hours of six packs. Or blood splattering all over (blood drops, really, but what do I know...). Or slow mo love making. Or slow mo anything. In fact, I think the movie is about 30 minutes long but they slow mo everything and it became a two hour movie. Visually stunning though. Still, not recommended.

Just thought I should share this... gotta love the media. Thanks to Koala Blogger for bringing this to my attention.

From WSJ: Thanks to Chicago offered a bid that hinges on building new facilities, mostly situated around the downtown lakefront and nearby parks. The centerpiece would be an 80,000-seat, $366 million temporary Olympic stadium that would be built in historic Washington Park. (This park is just by the University of Chicago's campus)

My comment: LOL... the HISTORIC WASHINGTON PARK! One park that we had a BSCIT event to clean the damn thing up... one park that I would never walk through... one park that when I walked through it, I found needles on the ground... and we're might have the Olympics there! Someone call Daley! Clean the city!

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chaubella said...

that was such a guy's movie. and i feel slightly jipped with the imax experience after you've told me how it is in HK...