Open and Honest

Hokies, be strong.

It's been a while since I last blogged about something serious. Wait... I'm never serious.

Oh but I am. I've always been a proponent of being as open and as honest as possible with people. In the cynical world that we live in, obviously this can't be true all the time. The topic of whether the benefits of telling the truth outweigh the costs of hurting people you love and care about came up between my friend and me. Fascinating debate really. Since I am a proponent of being open, I think for the most part the benefits do outweigh the costs. But I can see things going the other way as well.

Our little debate led to the establishment of a secret blog site. What if one has this secret blog to vent and put all his or her darkest secret on it. He or she will be able to let out some steam and whatever, maybe even live a better life. But our focus is whether this secret blog would ever be released in the very distant future... which would certainly hurt a lot of people... or would it hurt more if those people found out themselves?

Which brings me to a current situation in which I am a "victim." A good friend of mine is not open and honest with me. (Yup, and somehow I find out) I think I know the reason on why she isn't honest, and I think I understand where she is coming from. Ah, hell, I sympathize with her cause, really. But at the same time, I am quite hurt. I'd rather hear the truth and be hurt that way. Finding out through a backdoor channel is never pleasant.

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