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Oh well, I revert back to writing about food. Last Monday we visited the Tango Sur, an Argentinian steak house (9.5 on citysearch). As you can see, the picture is a bit blurry because the place was really dark. I'm going to start bringing a mini-tri pod to restaurants, as if carrying the big thing isn't crazy enough.

R2P2 and Chubecca / JJB ordered an Ox Tongue dish that of course fueled the discussion on how the Chinese eat anything that moves. Let me just clear it up. Yes, it's true, the Chinese eat anything that moves, and then some that don't. Let's move on. It was okay: too dry, no moist, but the texture wasn't bad and the taste was good. I wouldn't order it again though.

Entree was a chesse-filled steak. Now that was quality. I'll let the picture speak for itself. Overall, I'd say Tango Sur was pretty good considering the prices. Recommended!

Cheese filled Steak (Desi, you wrap the camera on the top of the ant with a rubber band and then the ant will guide you to the best angle to take a picture of the food - use a remote, you don't want to crush the ant)

Devon Seafood Grill (9.6 in citysearch - I'm including the scores now because PNGF says she won't do anything below a 9.5... or was it 9.0... I can't even remember) is a fairly new restaurant in the Chicago seafood scene. As with any seafood and sushi in Chicago, I recommend to proceed with caution. The oysters were a grave disappointment. They did not taste fresh and there was plenty of sand left in my west coast oyster. The east coast one fared a bit better, but it still didn't feel fresh. Can't wait to be in Boston for some real seafood.

Things turned for MUCH better for the other appetizers though. The Tuna Tar Tar was generously good and the Beef Carpaccio was exquisite. Nicely presented as well. The entree I had was the Talapia - I like to order something I haven't heard of from the menu to illustrate either my ignorance or adventurousness. The talapia (a white fish, whatever that means) was baked in a almond crust topped with berries and Spanish rice. Very tasty. The restaurant was large and had pretty good contemporary decor. Service was decent. Highly recommended (not the oyster though).

Tuna Tar Tar

Beef Carpaccio


pngf said...

hey there, i'm not THAT picky (reference to the 9.5 citysearch rating). but i prefer ratings of at least 9.0 bc i had some bad experiences with anything lower in NYC.

shmoo said...

Where are the Tango Sur photos?

I think you need some proofreading at the beginning here, by the way.

Anonymous said...

hey, why do you call me R2P2?