Visiting Omaha

Wow, I actually met Warren Buffet... the guy is quite a show man and loves to be in the center of attention. Surprising... I thought he'd be more reserved. Some highlights:
  • The Dirty Canuck had an interesting morning (2nd post, I think)
  • Responding to a question regarding giving to charities: he gives back to society because he has taken from society... and he should keep the wealth because society can't produce the returns he can.
  • On how we should appreciate life: if 1000 random people on Earth were assigned to you and you have to pick one of them to become, you wouldn't play the game. That would mean you are in the top 0.01% of satisfied with your own life. Think about that.
  • The requisite do what you like advice and don't do it for money.
  • This is a low light actually: Gorat's, which was supposed to be WB's favorite restaurant, served me a very very very disappointing steak. The baked potato is good though... uh... yeah...
  • The line to take a picture with Warren (yup, we on a first name basis now)... yours truly was #66...
  • Monthly parking in downtown Omaha costs $45 (it's outdoors... indoors is more expensive, I was told. Apparently, a 3-star hotel right in the middle of downtown also costs $45.
  • Blah blah blah
Overall, I enjoyed the trip. Once I got back, I had to attend a McKinsey case competition, which is a complete scam (Xie Xie A has this to say). Will get to this in my next post.