Winter is over, but there's still ice...!

It's just ice in the United Center and AMC River East. (By the way, there are rumors that snow may appear on Wednesday. I'm going to ignore that.

PNGF and I went to a Blackhawks game because the tickets were free. Standard Microeconomics predict when the price goes to zero, the demand for the tickets should be very large. Well, reality is quite different (opportunity costs not considered obviously): the stadium was at best half full. But they did beat the Blue Jackets. Anyway, I find Hockey a fun game to watch live... it's fast and violent and there's lots of action.

Blades of Glory was much better. A 1045 showing didn't deter those who wanted a good time at the theaters. It was a full house. The movie was hysterical. Wedding Crasher-esque! The success of this movie is that the very premise of male pair skating is funny. Even at places where it wasn't funny at all, people still laughed. For example, at the beginning of the movie, we see a kid skating. And the theater just started to laugh. Good stuff. Highly recommended if you want to have a good laugh. Don't eat too much beforehand, your stomach might hurt.

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