Vietnamese Food Review

After the Buffet trip and before the McKinsey debacle, I had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, which PNGF called "the only Vietnamese restaurant in Chicago that I will ever dine at." Well then. Hai Yen, here I come.

Turns out that I had eaten at this restaurant before with SY. Except that last time I ordered the requisite Pho, which wasn't bad but not that great especially compared to the great Pho I had in Boston. This time around, PNGF was clearly in charge, as she browsed through the menu and told me what I should eat. I love these dining experiences - it's like me bringing Americans to a Chinese restaurant and saving them from the General Gao's Chicken, pu-pu platter, and moo shu dishes. Anyway, on to the food:

Vietnamese Grilled Beef (Thit Nuong)

Shrimp Balls on Sugar Cane Stick (Chao Tom)

Grilled Pork wrapped in Lot Leaves (Bo La Lot) - not the most flattering look, but they are damn good (I tried to fudge with the picture... they just are this way)

Yup, I wrapped my own spring roll - I'm an expert now


shmoo said...


Faisal said...

Dude, are you sitting IN your food when you take those pictures? How do you manage to zoom in to provide an ant's eye-view of what you're about to consume?

Ben said...

Your blog is more and more like a food review columnist...and it doesn't help when I am not in the same city!

sindy said...

do they have 牛鞭河?

Anonymous said...

Those are what we order at Vietnamese restaurants in Shanghai.

I guessed who PNGF is, but what does PN stand for?

- R2

PNGF said...

this is the most authentic vn restaurant that i've found in chicago, but it also depends on what you order (don't order the crepe - you will be disappointed). there's also a decent sandwich shop (but pricey relative to OC) at the end of the street.

shmoo and R2 - sorry, cannot tell u what PN stands for =P

Josekin said...

I can't disclose what PN means... however, I might be able to point you towards the right direction... LOL

Joel Phillips said...

Woo hoo for Vietnamese girls. Nicole Vong of American Coast Title could be one of those Asian sex toy girls from the cartoons.

She has the highest sales at American Coast Title and really takes care of her customers and fellow employees. She's one of the reasons our company events are so popular.

Frank Berriz likes the back door method and Linda Blood has made a whole series of Nicole Vong movies.

Props to Nicole Vong and Vietnamese girls!

Joel Phillips
American Coast Title