More Good News!

Red Sox came back in the bottom of the 8th to beat the Yankees. Against Rivera no less. A-Rod is locked in - his annual April special. According to Thaler, his performance will only come down. Oh yeah.

Um, this video made me laugh so freaking hard. Can't wait till someone charges Dice-K.

I played poker for the first time this quarter and won some money. I felt I played quite well all night, though it started with making one mistake against 2R on my first hand - I blame rust... but she player her flush draw quite well and I didn't raise her enough on the turn when I hit a top pair. That hand set the tone for the early going as I struggled on middle hands and misplayed good hands.

It got better in the middle as my hands slowly improved. Pocket dueces (no pre-flop raise and hit a set on the flop) and jacks both netted big returns. I tried to mix up my pre-flop raise a little bit - it helped some middle hands win small pots.

My last hand was pocket rockets. After a decent raise (10 on 1-2 blinds), there were three to the flop, and the flop came Qs-8s-5c (something like that). First person raised 50 (!) and the second person called (!!!!!). What the hell? What happened to my pocket rockets!? At this point... I thought:
  • Not two pair... wouldn't have called my raise with Q-8. 2 outs for them.
  • Probably not Q-A/K as they would have raised pre-flop; if Q, has to be Q-J/10. 2 outs.
  • Flush draw is a possibility, but since they called my raise, and Qs is on the board, maybe Ks-Js or something similar. 9 outs.
  • Straight draw would be odd. J-10. 4 outs.
  • Straight-Flush draw. 13 outs.
Well, I decided that I was ahead and I wanted to avoid any draws, so I re-raised 100. First raiser went away after much thought (probably a draw) and the second person called only because he only had 6 left. Straight draw with J-9. Why did he call the pre-flop raise!?

Oh well, I won the pot and ended on a high note. =)

Tequila Buddy, more happy stories for ya!

And I go watch the Bulls lay the smackdown on the Miami Heat tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Good review. Will read it again when I am in the right mood.

R2 made some money too! :)

- R2 (don't call me 2R)