I'm so sorry!

Weather Gods, forgive me for saying that Winter is over. Please don't snow on me. DOH! Freaking Chicago. It snowed on Wed, ten got very cold the last few days.

Watched Prison Break season 2 finale on Tuesday night. What a fucking disappointment. I'm boycotting the rest of the seasons, just like I did 24 after its season 2. The idea of a finale is to have a climax in which the protagonist achieves some level of victory and faces some level of (unexpected) difficulty so that viewers will be intrigued by the ending and hopefully beg for season 3. Prison Break fails to convert on either way.

Nonetheless, I have learned many valuable lessons from Prison Break:
10. If you are a pretty doctor, you should not work in a prison. This is not negotiable. Nor should you respond to some fat cop who just tried to hit on you. This is also not negotiable.
9. When your life is in danger, it might be a good idea to let people know where you will be. Or, of course, you could venture into danger yourself and then get killed. Why not.
8. Actually, it might be better to call the police; even though they are incompetent, on your own, you probably are more incompetent.
7. Trusting the mob boss and a child pedophile is a great idea if you need to escape from prison... NOT.
6. Handcuffing yourself to another person (especially the protagonist) and swallowing the key means there's only one way to get you off - say goodbye to your hand.
5. If you have a gun, don't just point it at someone; use it. The idea is to neutralize the other person, like shoot his calf or something, or force him to tie himself up, rather than wait for the other party to grab your gun.
4. When Blackmailed by others, don't just oblige. Use your phone to record the conversation. It's really just one button.
3. If you get arrested, ask to go to Fox River. I hear the security there is lax and the warden needs someone to help him build the Taj Mahal model for his anniversary.
2. When in doubt, work for "The Company"... the other jobs suck.
1. "You'll have to trust me" translates as "I'm going to screw you later"


cl said...

concur on the disappointing season finale and on point #1. if we've learned anything from PB, it's don't trust anyone who says "trust me." well, except scofield. =P

Anonymous said...

I agree that the last episode is a disappointment (or maybe the whole season 2 as well), but who really cares? At least we have Scofield, yeah!!! (I love my GAP shopping bag)

- R2