Time to procrastinate...

While in my pricing strategy class, I came across this funny travel route from NY to Paris, courtesy of the Sports Guy.

Here's a fascinating article on how greatness can go unnoticed when not in context, courtesy of both Freakenomics and Managing in Organizations class.

Speaking of Freakenomics, last weeks Brown Bag Series had Kevin "Genius Award" Murphy talking about the benefits of inequality and attacked some of the follies of proposed solutions such as progressive taxes. He was introduced by Steve Levitt. The prior Brown Bag Series was Nobel laureate Gary Becker talking about paid immigration. Fascinating topics. No articles though. Yet I digress.

Alright, back to Strategy and Structure. I can't wait to see how Saturn is going to fight the Hondas and Toyotas (and Hyundais!)... NOT.

Tomorrow, I go meet Warren Buffet. This will be fun!

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The Dirty Canuck said...

re: WEB - sweet! i'll see you there. value investing for life, m-fkaz!